Tandem Technologies was extremely detailed, thorough, and knowledgeable

In September 2013, Envysion, Inc partnered with Tandem Technologies and Karen Smart in particular to implement Sage 300 ERP. Karen and team came on site to meet one on one with our team to document all our specific requirements. During this time, we also defined a project schedule with user training, milestones, implementation dates, etc. Karen was extremely detailed, thorough, and knowledgeable. Our business is fairly complex which required some customization. Karen was able to address all our questions to come up with the necessary customization, pulling in outside sources as needed.

Once we got closer to implementation, Karen organized extensive user training sessions. She customized these sessions to meet our specific requirements outlined at the onset of the project. Although these sessions were managed remotely, Karen was excellent at adjusting to her audiences’ needs. In some cases the trainees needed extensive information, in other cases the materials were grasped quickly and did not require as much focus. The training sessions were well run and the materials were thorough and well planned out. Karen’s training skills were clear, concise, and informative which encouraged a very interactive environment. She was open to class participation, was able to answer detailed questions as they arose, and was timely in getting back to us with information on questions that went beyond the training session. She kept us on track and focused on the right things at the right time. As a result, our teams were comfortable going back to their desks, logging onto the test environment, and practicing their daily responsibilities. Our implementation was on time, on budget, and smooth largely due to Karen’s project management and training skills.