What do we do?

We listen. We take notes. We explore the options. We share our experience. We are consultants, and we are your guide through the business and technology jungle. Software, training, tech support, reporting – these all require consulting, a free and creative exchange of ideas. We are Tandem Technologies, connecting people, business and technology.

  • Business Software & Cloud Solutions

    We provide software that has been proven to satisfy the vast majority of business needs, with technology that will remain viable for many years to come. Where required, add on products and customization will provide a highly personalized solution.

  • Training & Continued Education

    By itself, a software purchase has never solved anyone’s business issues. Even the ‘right’ software will not deliver as promised if it’s not configured to address your needs. What is the best way to perform a task? What are the tips and tricks that can save you hours? We’ll show you how.

  • Technical Support

    Servers, workstations, internet access, software, integration – Mission Critical means no downtime. We are prepared to monitor your business infrastructure proactively and respond immediately

  • Consulting

    In the highest sense, a consultant is someone who knows where you are, where you want to go, and will work with you to evaluate the options for getting there. At Tandem Technologies, we bring people, business and technology together. That’s consulting.

  • Reporting

    How do you turn data into information? Do your reports show you where you’ve been, or where you’re going? Business intelligence means standing astride that mountain of data and seeing the horizon.