Need more characters in invoice line description after moving from Sage Pro to Sage 300 ERP

Background: Sage Pro is a Microsoft Visual foxpro (VFP) accounting system that supports and connects to both a VFP and a SQL database data source. Both VFP and SQL support many data types (numeric, character, currency, date, logical (true/false) and of course Variable character, aka MEMO. A MEMO field is a special data type that allow you to basically type or include as much verbiage as you would like on an invoice line or as a general instruction, payment or return policy for the entire invoice. MEMO fields are available throughout SAGE Pro accounting system documents.

Issue: During the migration, the SAGE Migrator brings over data from SAGE Pro into SAGE 300 and transfers data from “like” fields.

The customer begins to use SAGE 300 to continue running the business as they did before in SAGE Pro. HERE is the issue! Sage 300 has only line item description field (maximum 60 characters) and a Comment field (maximum 150 Characters).
How we solve this: Dennis McVeigh used his knowledge of SQL, SAGE 300, and Crystal Reports and working with Karen Smart , developed a SAGE 300 AR Item, we called it “LC” for line comment. The user now types in “LC” on the invoice and types in the comment field the data wanted. Using Crystal Reports, Dennis McVeigh developed a “sub-Report” that “sandwiched in” each and every LC line just after any other line in the invoice so invoice can have an “expandable” comment / description section on the SAGE 300 invoice. This technique allows for the system to use only the “invoice REAL ESTATE” needed to fit the comments since Sub-Reports expand and contract as needed. Additionally, Dennis McVeigh also created Optional Fields on the Invoice so the customer’s invoice can have new fields show up for each Line item. Again Dennis McVeigh created a Crystal Reports sub-report to accomplish this. If no optional fields are used, nothing shows! But as the user adds a SAGE 300 optional field to an invoice, it prints out! This very useful for a business that wants to include Fixed Field information under or above each line item. Without having to go through costly SAGE 300 programming.

SAGE 300 AR ITEM : Cell_Phone
SAGE 300 AR optional Field: MFG
SAGE 300 AR optional Field: Model
SAGE 300 AR optional Field: Plan
SAGE 300 AR optional Field: Service #
SAGE 300 AR optional Field: approveby
One the invoice, you just add an invoice, choose your customer, add the item “Cell Phone”, and put in cost info
Then [insert] another line. Put in “LC” and type in all the verbiage.
Click on the Optional Fields tabs and use the SAGE finder to put in one or more optional fields and fill in the invoice specific values for this specific invoice.
During invoice entry, you can preview your invoice by clicking on the print invoice button to see if you have the invoice as you would like to see it.

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