I Need Sage 300, Sage CRM, or Sage HRMS Support


Sage Support | Making the final decision to purchase accounting or manufacturing software is not an easy one and then there is the multiple phases in implementing the solution(s). Additionally, in most cases the software provider (Sage) does not provide any assistance once you have made your purchase.

The software provider has certified consultants that they use. How will you decide who will provide installation, training, post go-live support and future product upgrades? How do you set up the users and the modules required to meet and process your accounting and business operations? What about the data in the old system, do you start from scratch or is there some way of getting that data out and into the new solution? Does your server, workstations, and printers meet the software’s minimum system requirements? How do you go about deciding on what services you need or require at a minimum?

Tandem Technologies believes that good project management and certified consultants with expertise in your industry to install the software and manage the entire project are definitely a must in any project, large or small. Additionally, a contract should be in place for at least the first year to assist you in training, upgrades, project planning, and reduced billing rates for modifications/customizations that may be needed.

Some good questions to ask are: 1). Is the consultant involving my staff in this project and are they the right staff? 2). Is the consultant providing a schedule ahead of time so that my staff can plan around it? 3). Do my staff have issues or concerns about the set up or training sessions? 4). Does the consultant have a process in place for reporting issues after I go live? 5). Are their explanations being provided to my staff about set up? 6). Are they keeping an open line of communication going about the project.

A very important part of the software implementation that is often overlooked, is the reseller’s experience in managing a software implementation project.

I’ve heard comments that range from, “the one thing I learned was that implementing new software is a very daunting task, but I had absolutely no idea that project management was going to be the most important and valuable part of my investment,” to “I never thought about needing a software consultant that was going to keep my software project on track would mean so much to my staff” and finally, “talking to a reseller with experience in my industry and knowledgeable about the legacy system was very valuable to us.”

Tandem Technologies always encourages companies to consider yearly support plans with their Sage 300 software reseller. When inquiring about support plans, be sure that you ask about how the reseller develops their plans.

Are they just a set amount or are they specifically designed based on the number of users, number of companies, number of modules, types of customizations or modifications in place, the number of third party solutions that are integrated or linked to your software, and how long you have been using the software.

Does the reseller require that you be on the most recent version of software in order for them to work with you?

Our mission is always your success and making sure your software is helping your business grow is part of our mission. Tandem Technologies will provide you with support for any of the solutions that we ae certified in and even when you’re not on the most current version.