Sage 300 won’t print when printer destination is set to “printer”

Assumption: All other documents are printing fine from the workstation and from other applications on the workstation.

Scenario: You have the printer destination set to “Printer”. You can check this by logging into Sage 300 and going to File | Printer Destination. It should be set to “Printer”. When you attempt to print the form or report: nothing prints, and it may not even be in the print queue. If you Change the Print Destination to “Preview” mode and print the report or form it will show the correct data on screen and then you can select the printer (the one that won’t print) and it prints just fine. If this is happening; it is a known issue with Sage 300.

Problem: The printer name is longer than 31 characters.

Solution: Sage 300 does not recognize any printer that is over 31 characters in name length. So a printer that has a name of “\\server1\generic laser jet 1320 PCL5 on Tammy’s PC-538” is not going to be a viable printer name that Sage 300 sees. Consider changing it to something like \\server1\Tammy-LJ1320. This should resolve the problem, but if not please call us at 866-392-6132 for help.

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