ALERE Manufacturing Version 10 Released

ALERE Manufacturing v10.0 has been released and it represents a major step forward for the product. You can now choose to run with either the Client/Server (SQL Server) tables or with the traditional LAN (FoxPro) tables. Both options are on the v10.0 installation CD. A white paper that comes with the CD, called “Setting Up ALERE with Client Server Data”, will walk you through converting an existing LAN company to Client/Server. You will also find the paper immensely useful for setting up a new Client/Server company and as a background on the Sequel environment and tools. The white paper is also available in PDF form on the “Downloads” page of the TIW web site at

Manufacturing Work Flow

A completely rewritten General Installation Notes brochure is especially important to read before installing v10.0. Among the items you need to know is that this new version has moved the system files to a new directory called “SysFiles”. That change affects users integrated with ALERE Accounting whose path to the Manufacturing files will have to be updated to point to the “SysFiles” directory after v10.0 is installed.

The New Features Brochure for v10.0 will familiarize you with the list of new features. However, one result of rewriting the program code to be sequel compliant is the impact on the complex Plan Module. Huge gains in the processing speed of the planning calculations should come as a pleasant surprise.