ALERE Manufacturing Version 10 PUSH/PULL AUTOMATION

The Push/Pull report in ALERE Manufacturing makes recommended changes to work orders and purchase orders, such as adjusting “Need By” dates, updating the quantities on order, and even cancelling orders that are no longer necessary. APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) calls for this capability to be included in a production control system in order for it to meet the standards of MRP. Surprising, most software systems do not support it.

In v10.0 the work order side of Push/Pull planning has been enhanced to include a screen that allows the user to review the recommended changes online and then implement them with a click of a button. The lists of changes that are made are easily shared with others in the company by printing, exporting to a spreadsheet, or creating a PDF file.


Automating this sometimes tedious, but necessary, aspect of MRP greatly reduces a company’s workload and ensures more efficient production control.