For years ALERE Manufacturing has been one of very few packages on the market, at any price point, that supports “Synchronous Manufacturing”, a very sophisticated method of JIT (Just-In-Time) planning. A key element of this advanced planning is being able to associate the material list required to make a product with the individual operation route steps on which they will be used. When a finite scheduler calculates the date an operation will be performed, it can then tell you exactly what materials will be necessary, precisely when they will be used, and which work center is going to use them.

We have completely rewritten a new material assignments screen. It is based on years of experience in the field and adds more capabilities! Matching inventory items to the route operation steps on which they are used is easier than ever!


Mass assignments of material and/or operation steps can be made along with selectively making changes.

Using a bill of material as a starting point, you can add new components to the materials list or build the materials list from scratch using items selected from inventory.

Material list items, which are byproducts of the manufacturing process and are expected to be returned to inventory, can be included.