ALERE Manufacturing – Design is Everything!

ALERE Manufacturing is not a new product; just renamed. Its roots go back to the 1980’s when TIW Corp. developed manufacturing to work with other accounting systems, specifically Sage Pro. Design is everything! ALERE provides a framework for integration with Sage Pro, VisionPoint, LAN and SQL packages. This framework can also be expanded to work with additional systems. Please note that this framework is most efficient when the database engine is VFP or Microsoft SQL.

ALERE carries the flexible design process throughout the product’s modules and in its dependency of other manufacturing and accounting modules. This means ALERE Manufacturing is scalable to many types of manufacturing processes. If your business demands more features and controls, you buy more ALERE manufacturing and accounting modules. Your company can be using a single step or one work center where all materials are assembled/attached; or complex manufacturing with multi steps and multiple work centers. ALERE can support alternate work centers, even outside vendors can be a work center. Each work center can be configured for efficiency, days and times available or can be infinite since you may outsource or contract with multiple vendors.

Bill of Material Module

The Bill of Material (BOM) module is where your manufacturing design begins. If you purchase meats and spices, mix them today, cure them and put 12 of them to box and sell, all you need to setup is a Component BOM. If you need a more sophisticated bill of materials, no problem! ALERE Manufacturing supports multi-level BOMs, variable BOMs, Phantom BOMs, Module BOMs, Component BOMs, Alternate BOMs and a Kit BOM. ALERE even supports BOMs made from a sub assembly BOM of different types.

As mentioned above, you can produce a Work Order that is a single route with a single operation using a single work center so you can run your entire business with just three ALERE Manufacturing modules, Manager, Order and BOM. Routes can contain one or more operation steps and each route operation can be configured to a work center and alternate with setup and cycle times as well as a yield value. You can assign specific labor types, if you choose, and specify that operation cannot start until a previous operation completes or it can overlap other operations. With the Route and Machine modules you can even elect not to include an operation in the schedule.
Orders can show as quoted, unscheduled, planned forward or backwards, active or inactive, priority or just a maintenance work order. Additionally, orders can be created by demands from sales orders, the ALERE planning module or manually added. When used with ALERE Accounting, ALERE Manufacturing – in version 10.0 – enables users to “Push / Pull” their work orders and purchase orders with dynamic changes in sales orders to control manufacturing to adjust to real time business activity and adjust your business for just in time manufacturing.
This Push/Pull feature is available in the Planning module and provides you the ability to plan the order, plan sales orders, or items Material Resource Planning (MRP). You use generate trial or implemented planning and set criteria for safety, zero stock and other choices. Once you run plan, you can select to generate work orders, purchase orders or both.
Schedule Module

The Schedule module lets you implement and view schedules graphically. You can also “drill down” into schedules to look at item, work center, customer, and work order use. The Schedule module allows management to view errors in the schedule.

Cost Module

With the ALERE Manufacturing Cost module you can implement Lot Costing into your manufacturing process. Management of labor grades and cost are also configured here. The cost module lets you inquire into the planned and actual cost of work orders. Additionally, you can view and process a manufactured item’s costed roll up.

Design is consistent throughout the product with choices for navigation buttons and functions. As you would expect, these buttons do change based on the menu the user is in. When you are in the select or generate menu, [ALL], [NONE][GENERATE][PROCESS][EXIT] are you choices.

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