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In a few weeks we will be releasing ALERE v12.0 and it will be chock full of new features and functions. Of prime significance are a completely re-written Commission module, credit card processing, and a new user interface for InTouch. Additionally, we’ve included another fifty or so added features, options, reports, and so on. My personal favorite is the ability to export any grid on any screen to Excel with two clicks!

The roots of ALERE Business Applications stretch back to 1990, almost 27 years ago. It has quietly grown into a robust and comprehensive ERP package, entirely from one vendor. We enjoy our relationships with the many companies that have selected ALERE.

We foresee the ERP model changing over the coming years and becoming Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The difference is that ECM is more inclusive and incorporates not only internally generated information (ERP) but also external information.

ALERE is at the forefront of that technology with a document management backbone, support for mobile devices, and portals for single purpose apps. This will affect your business, and we are ready.